St George’s Tower Vauxhall, London – Client Briggs & Forrester. 217 apartments over 50 stories.

St George Wharf Tower, also known as the Vauxhall Tower, is a residential skyscraper in Vauxhall, London, and part of the St George Wharf development. At 181 metres (594 ft) tall with 50 storeys, it is the eighth-tallest building in London and the tallest residential building in the United Kingdom.

The building is divided into three distinct parts—a base that houses the communal facilities of the building, a middle section containing most of the apartments; and an upper section where the façade reduces in diameter to provide 360-degree terraces and a wind turbine that tops the structure.

Special stairs for the luxury lower penthouse apartments are supplied, in which one of these apartments there is a 360-degree view across London.

Media Control Ltd works included

  • Commissioning of M.V.H.R’s
  • Commissioning of HIU’s
  • Commissioning of TMV’s

Media Control Management’s works included.

  • Commissioning consultant on behalf of Main contractor to validate shell & Core MEPH contractor.
  • Validation of ER’s to MEPH sub-contractors design review.
  • Commissioning-ability studies on MEPH installation schematics.
  • Review of commissioning documentation.
  • Witness commissioning contractor’s activities on behalf of MEPH contractor.
  • Representative of MEPH contractor during demonstration to Client.
  • Tracking progress of all commissioning activities.
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